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Top 20 Tremendously Attractive Tattoo Designs for Men

The best collection of tattoos for men. We have pictures of arm tattoos, tribal tattoos, chest tattoos, back tattoos and first tattoo ideas for men.

What is it about men with tattoos? Men in general are really an interesting species. Men with tattoos however are exceptional. They are so extraordinary that just by looking at them, I don’t really know if I should get excited or I should just back off. These tattoos are quite a revelation and create an attractive look in men.

These tattoos say a lot about the personality of the guy, his personal history for that matter. I can say you will know a guy to a certain degree by the looks of his tattoos. We are not just talking about the design of the tattoo but also the location and how it is made. Like a car, you have to consider the maker, the color, the wheels and the overall look of it.

Same goes for men with tattoos I suppose!! A tattoo on a man’s body may mean a lot of things. It may be a historical thing, a great reminder, a painful or joyous memorabilia of things and events that happened in the past. It’s like his journal in life made alive in his physical expression of a collection of tattoos.

One word of advice, you should choose the best looking tattoo that would describe who you are- the physical appearance. The location of the tattoo would simply imply the emotional state. And the colors speak of your physiological state of mind. So be really choosy when you get that tattoo. They are an expansion of one’s personality.


These inspirations will take you into a higher level when it comes to having a tattoo. The impressions you make will really count because once you have them, there is no turning back. Well there is, but it will really be a painful one.

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#. Sexy defined and simple must have tattoo!

I don’t know about you but having a tattoo on a man’s neck is a rather ravishingly delightful site, most especially if it quite concealed in the nape area. It says a lot yet the mystery behind it unfolds as you get to know the man. An animal tattoo is quite interesting and refined at the same time.

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#. Breathtaking upper body delights!!

The upper body physique of a man is his towering advantage. Having these intricate and pictureperfect design that starts from the shoulder down to the upper half of the torso just creates an incomparable urge to have my fingers do the walking. Tracing the details of a man’s tattoo with my fingers is the beauty of exploration.

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#. Stronghold arm tattoo:

A tattoo that any man should have is a tattoo on his arm. The arms represent the strenght of a man. His musclinity is seen when he has a great looking tattoo like this one on his arm. This elaborately adoring angel is quite a scene stealer. The other image on the other hand, speaks directly of distinctive strenght and immense power.

The biomechanical sleeve with armor by Rob Richardson is an impeccably perfect sight. I am just so assured of a aguy with this kind of tattoo.

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This Polynesian design with faces of the Tiki goes from the simple pattern to intricate and elaborate designs.  The icon is a semi-god sublimed after they are gone. It means protection. A great masterpiece skillfully crafted on a man’s arm, this depicts that I am protected by my man. It’s just so awesome!

#. Must have on calves!!!

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CALVES with TATTOOS are JUST too SEXY! Inking your calves is quite daring but creates and suggests a second look. The scenario when I see a hunk and I am too shy to look into his eyes, yet when he passes, I just find myself looking back to check him out. That curiosity that builds is just so implosive! —- BOOOM!! When I see he has a tattoo, something inside me just churns with excitement.

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#. Awesome!! just enchanting!!

I wouldn’t mind having my face or just a part of it tattooed on my man’s arm. It clearly says he is proud of you as his girl. With a great tattoo artist capturing my set of eyes and maybe draw them on the shoulder blades of my man would be the best compliment a man can give me. You just have to choose the right artist that can really pursue the exact replica of your eyes.

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OOHH LALA! Such a stylish sight to behold. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but who doesn’t love this. It’s showy yet can be concealed with proper attire for formal occasions. A tattoo of any design like an insignia of a certain fraternity or a group.

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The burning flame tattoo says you are indeed the hottest man!! The burning desire put artistically anywhere in your body is flirtatious and is connected with the astrological sign – the fire element!  The fiery spirit that dwells in your inner being is being unleashed with this bewitching tattoo design. Why don’t you start thinking and consider the running wild flames come alive on your skin? The artist’s imagination can really run untamed in this classic design.

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#. Amazing dragon glaore go and get one!!

Dragon tattoos are definitely all around and probably the most common tattoos of all times. Times have changed and the evolution of this beast has come to the modern age where dragon tattoos bear different meanings and intentions to different peoples of all walks of life. They can mean protectors, guardians, courage and great strength.

There are the horned dragons (the Mightiest); spiritual dragons as controllers of certain weathers,; earth dragon that rules the earth; and even the Treasure dragon holding metals and powerful gemstones. Whatever dragon design tattoo you get will come out will be smashingly attractive.

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#. Popularity versus Beauty:

No matter how your tattoos will look like and where they are located, it still boils down to the man who chose it. Tattoos depict who you are. These veteran artists are just the extension of you. They just collect information and personality from you and lay them artistically on your skin. If it is popular, it doesn’t mean you gotta have it! If it is beautiful and suits you then Go for it!!


So, whatever your purpose for that fantastic tattoo, cherish it and learn to love it as you will be seeing it every day. Not just you, depending on the location of your tattoo, you might have to share the story behind it someday. Tattoos are a freedom of expressing oneself and a matter of choice to expose it or not! Get that tattoo now and be relieved you got the best one!!!

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