Rangoli Designs

Top 20 Rangoli Designs

Here are the 20 best simple rangoli designs which one can easily to make at home without taking much time.
India is the land of dazzling colors and fascinating diversity. It is a fusion of different cultures and traditions. One of such shared traditions is the colorful and versatile Rangoli making. Rangoli is considered auspicious and is drawn to welcome home the Hindu God and Goddess. It brings prosperity, wealth and positive vibes to your home.

Though, Rangoli designing is a meticulous task which requires precision and practice.  You can start by making basic designs initially, and take it to a higher level with practice. Rangoli is made by using various colors available in the market.

You can also use flower petals, rice, kidney beans, pulses, flour etc, to bring out various designs and textures in your rangoli. Here are some easy yet innovative rangoli designs which can be tried by you, this festive season.

Top 20 Rangoli Designs:

#1. Flower rangoli:

This beautiful rangoli design is made using flower petals and buds. The use of flowers brings delicate grace to the pattern. Also the scent of flowers will further intoxicate the joyous atmosphere.

rangoli designs 1


#2. Peacock rangoli:

Peacock is considered to be the king of birds, and no doubt in that. The magnificent bird is Mother Nature’s beauty at its best. Also, peacock is considered auspicious in Hindu tradition as, Hindu Lord Krishna adorns peacock feather on his head. The beauty of this gorgeous bird can light up your home too. So try this easy peacock bird rangoli this festive season.

rangoli designs 2Source

#3. Ganpati rangoli design:

The Hindu lord Ganesha helps in moving ahead in life by removing obstacles from our path. Before any auspicious and important work, Hindus worship him and gain his blessings. The festival of Diwali and Ganesh Chatturthi specially celebrate the prowess of this divine deity. You can also try this easy Ganpati rangoli to bring prosperity in your house.

rangoli designs 3Source

#4. Durga maa rangoli design:

Goddess Durga is believed to be the mother of all that exists within and beyond this world. She is the power or SHAKTI behind every force of life, from creation, preservation to destruction in universe. She is widely celebrated during the Durga Pooja and the Navratras. This Rangoli of fierce goddess is sure to bring good fortune and safety to your family and loved ones.

rangoli designs 4Source

#5. Geometrical rangoli:

You can make this easy and colorful geometrical rangoli and add an extra wow factor to your home this festive season. Use shapes and colors to suite your mood and theme of the party. You can experiment with this kind of design and make it your own personal statement.

rangoli designs 5Source

#6. Diya rangoli:

Diwali is a festival of lights, so why not your rangoli! To make your rangoli a combination of colors and light, try this elegant design. Just add a few diyas and glorify your rangoli instantly.

rangoli designs 6Source

#7. Entrance rangoli:

Rangoli is made to welcome Gods and goddesses, hence, is made traditionally at the entrance gate of the house. This pretty blue rangoli would leave all your guests mesmerized at the door itself. The shading of different colors brings out the rainbow like quality in this design.

rangoli designs 7Source

#8. Corner rangoli:

Rangoli is traditionally made at the entrance or in the center of the house, but thanks to modern architecture some of us simply cannot afford to make rangoli at such places. The main reason is lack of moving space and fear of someone stepping over your precious art work.

Fear no more; this easy and innovative design would help you achieve the feel of festival with out bothering about the space factor. Simply make rangoli at the most visible corner of your house, where it will be free for admiration and safe from accidental spills.

rangoli designs 8Source

#9. Water rangoli designs:

To bring a more royal look to your rangoli you can place pot full of water at its center.

Fill the pot with vibrant color flower petals and floating candles. This design will bring a divine grace to your place with very little effort. Try to experiment with different styles of pot and candles to bring out different effects out of this design.

rangoli designs 9Source

#10.Stencil rangoli:

If rangoli making has given you a hard time in past, you need not worry anymore. Markets are flooded with rangoli design stencils. You can choose the design of your choice from the wide variety of cut outs and fill them with vibrant colors of your choice. The stencil will give your rangoli a professionally neat and tidy finishing look.

rangoli designs 10Source

#11. Center rangoli design:

If you are one of the lucky few people who have large and spacious house, you can try out this design. This Rangoli can be made at the center of your house. The sheer magnificence and large portrayal of this rangoli will make your home look like a holy place. The best part is that this design is super easy to make and full of vibrant colors. You can also light diyas around it and create heavenly ambience.

rangoli designs 11Source

#12. Dot rangoli:

Yet another easy way to make versatile rangoli is by joining the dots. Well you heard me right, just like in kindergarten; you can start by putting dots at appropriate places and join them later to complete the pattern. At last finish it by adding colors of your choice. And voila! Your beautiful rangoli is ready, a handy tip isn’t it?

rangoli designs 12Source

#13. Swastika rangoli design:

You can try the holy swastika symbol in your rangoli. Swastika is represents harmony. It is born by lord Ganesha in is right hand. It is a very powerful symbol which eliminates negativity. Make a swastika at the center of your rangoli and elaborate it using patterns and colors around it.

rangoli designs 13Source

#14. Kundan rangoli design:

If you want to try out non traditional, modern approach towards rangoli making, you can try using kundan and other decorative materials available in market to make your rangoli.

Simply take a clean cloth of any color. Now make an outline of the design you want for your rangoli, in pencil or chalk. Then Stick using fabric glue or sew as per your convenience the kundan and pearls in the pattern of the rangoli. Place this clothe where you want your rangoli to be. This unique rangoli would give your surroundings a rich and luxurious touch.

rangoli designs 14Source

#15. Modern rangoli:

The lovers of abstract and modern art can infuse the traditional rangoli with abstract art designs and create a master piece like this one. The shading with non traditional colors of the very traditional OM symbol makes perfect mix of religion and modern values.

rangoli designs 15Source

#16. Hand Crafted rangoli:

Over the years the art of rangoli making has developed and transformed from just white color pattern to heavily adorned jewelry like pattern. If you are not comfortable to use dry colors, you can make such lavish rangoli on a wooden plank using non traditional decorative material and metallic colors. Place these, hand crafted designs in given pattern and add royal ambience to your place.

rangoli designs 16Source

#17. Water color rangoli:

For a more easy and neat look you can use watercolors to make this elegant rangoli. Add candles and diyas to give a more radiant look.

rangoli designs 17Source

#18. Simple kolam rangoli:

Kolam is traditional Tamil rangoli pattern, mainly drawn using white color. You can decorate the pattern with color of your choice.

rangoli designs 18Source

#19. Rangoli with a message:

If you want to be a responsible citizen and want to give out a message, during the festive season then, you can use rangoli for such good cause. Just use colors to write your message. And help the social cause.

rangoli designs 19Source

#20. Vegetable rangoli:

Just like rangoli has come long way from just white pattern to usage of colors and flowers, you can take it to yet another level. Try this unique and creative way of vegetable rangoli. Not only is it super easy to make but also it is also a very safe bet when it comes to accidental spoilage of rangoli. Just rearrange the vegetables and your rangoli is as good a s new.

rangoli designs 20Source


So these ample numbers of helpful tips and designs would surely help you this festive season. You can mix and match various designs and create your own statement rangoli. Hope you enjoy these simple and creative rangoli designs.

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