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Top 20 Breathtaking Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly is a colorful creature which can easily attract. Butterfly tattoos are the most popular tattoo ideas for everyone.Here we share 20 amazing butterfly tattoos designs

Having a Butterfly tattoo for me is quite an ordinary thing when it comes to women having one. The real reason why I would choose to have an emblem of butterfly tattoo on my skin is the meaning behind the butterfly itself — Its rebirth and renewal. I’d like to think of women who in their lives experience a lot of stages where we need to renew ourselves.

Physically, mentally, and emotionally for that matter. The butterfly, is a result of metamorphosis, as we all know. The beauty and splendor of the butterfly will not be exposed right at the very instant. It needs to go through a lot of stages like the worm or the ugly caterpillar.

Like the butterfly, women sometime need to withdraw and get into hiding and reclusion, (a cocoon) before she can even expose the magical truth about herself. Evolving into this beautiful creature, there you can see the magnificence of this exemplary transformation. Butterfly tattoos express the renewal of a woman.

Rebirth from an unsightly worm to a magical winged creature. It may also mean in ancient Greek, a soul! Chinese relate this beauty as loyalty and deep devotion. Japanese believe it to be a symbol of marital bliss and femininity. These winged creatures are very popular with tattoos and has earned a great liking with women.

However they are associated with, these symbols play an important role when one decides to have such design on her skin. 

Top 20 Breathtaking Butterfly Tattoo Designs:

#. Beauty Beyond Expression:

These beauties can be expressed in so many different ways. It really depends on the woman getting herself a butterfly design. There are so many unique designs to choose from but I know these designs I have here will let you swoon over them.

Some are simple yet elegant, some exhibit great artistry. Other designs will just capture you by surprise as they are in 3D effects and multi-colored. They come in dainty to expressive artwork.

There are superb designs with wings spreading and effortless designs that project a different angle. With wings spread, these artists ink them with so much detail you would think they’re so real on your skin. 

#. Simplicity is splendor beyond words:

I for one am a simple person and I go for the not so intricate design because I believe I have a great personality that will just suffice for the kind of simple tattoo I have. No matter what design I choose, I can still be me without judgments whatsoever.

Butterfly Tattoo 1


Butterfly Tattoo 2Source

These simple yet stylish designs are in plain black tattoos situated on the delicate part of the body. It may be hidden or exposed and it just creates a sexy dashing look on it.

#. Elaborate and express yourself : 

Butterfly Tattoo 8

Butterfly Tattoo 3Source

Butterfly Tattoo 4Source

These detailed and sophisticated designs are not limited on the shoulder area. It can actually be inked on certain areas of a woman’s body where it can be concealed and only the man of your life may see it. The lace design for me tops it all. It says a lot about a woman.

Butterfly Tattoo 5Source

Butterfly Tattoo 6Source

The dainty tattoo on the top is also an ace for those who just want to have a butterfly tattoo. It’s not so flashy and will not create a fuss over it. It’s like it’s just there, no hassles, no questions!  However, this dragon-like tattoo is a must have. The site is perfectly portioned.

The secrecy is ideal for those who just want to keep it to themselves. A perfect place to maybe just forget you have an emblem there that only you can relate to. The colors are exquisite and the wings just captivate me.

#. Be bold and daring.

Butterfly Tattoo 7Source

This gothic emblem is quite appealing as you can see. The interwoven design just mesmerizes everyone. The tail end of the design is perfectly done and just conforms to the curves of a woman’s figure. Below is the more daring design you could ever have. You can stretch it all the way to the breast area for an alluring look. You can see how the creature wraps itself in the femininity of a woman. Just compellingly attractive!

Butterfly Tattoo 9

#. Mystical and magical

The magic can be portrayed on the kind of design you choose. Play with colors that suit your skin tone and add some swirls and motion to make the butterfly seem a little realistic. Some artists inks in shadows and light for a 3-dimensional effect. My all time favorite is the Monarch butterfly. Quite famous and world recognized, it depicts of journey and perseverance. The colors fit anyone who wants this design.

The blue and grey design that has 2 butterflies is also quite magnificent. There is movement and magic. The unexplained uniqueness of the design is a conversational piece. Blue is royalty and the movement like the monarch is journey and flight. For the adventurous you, Go and Get one!!

Butterfly Tattoo 10SourceButterfly Tattoo 11

Butterfly Tattoo 12Source

#. Towering Beauty!!!

Butterfly Tattoo 13Source

These outsized butterfly designs are just ravishing. With a backless dress, you are in for the talk of the town. Paint the town red with this dashing yet simple design. This is superb with the absence of the entire butterfly look. The wings itself are already a towering beauty. Grandeur and immensely attractive!

#. Must have adorable butterfly design tattoo:

Butterfly Tattoo 14Source

These gorgeous and unique designs are just satisfying. Symbolizing change, it brings out the romantic you, overflowing with love and joy. Want a new improved life?

Need a considerable process of transformation?

Get started by having this butterfly design for the NEW you. Believe me; change in everything begins with a positive attitude! Your tattoo will serve as a great reminder of never having to look back at the dreary past and leave it there!

Butterfly Tattoo 15Source

This compilation of butterflies is an interesting design because it signifies a lot of alterations in your life that you were able to overcome. Freedom from whatever you experienced that had a great impact in your life etched in one huge symbol. It could also mean the number of stages in your life that are worth remembering. A colorful one will clearly say it all!!

#. The black beauty:

Butterflies are a gentle creature however, with these black beauties; I just adore them simply because of the curves and dangling design. The tranquility is portrayed in the lines that the artist gives. Free flowing!! .This is so symbolic in other cultures due to the color and the meaning behind this design.

It can actually mean a lot of things that you can pick from when you decide to have this design. It is Fertitlity, Dreams, Playfulness, Youth, Life and Love. You Pick!!

Butterfly Tattoo 16Source

Butterfly Tattoo 17Source

#. Feel free to convey messages:

With a thousand designs to choose from, you can go from simple and chic to expressive and creative. Go multi-color and opt for huge designs that can fill your whole back. It would be a great attraction when you are in the beach.

Butterfly Tattoo 18Source

Butterfly Tattoo 19Source

The artistry in this design is just so amazing it captures my sight! The colors are so powerful and even with the absence of the butterfly’s body, the design can stand on its own like shoulder flaps. Dream of being a winged creature, this is the perfect location and design for you. Carry those wishes and dreams of yours to never neverland!!

#. Indulge yourself with this flaunting design!

Butterfly Tattoo 20Source

Whimsical and fun designs for the adventurous and youthful You!!  There is an essence of bliss in this design. The feet are a perfect part to show off that butterfly tattoo of yours.


Butterflies galore!!! Now is your turn to choose whatever suits your style, your mood and your preference. These are TOP 20 DESIGNS that will make you decide! Don’t be shy and scared to express yourself and go get inked like everyone else.

Wherever you want them, and whatever the meaning behind it, if you love butterflies, you will definitely go Gaga over these picture perfect designs here. After all, you owe it to yourself. You go get that butterfly tattoo. It will definitely be worth your while!!

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