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Top 15 Simple Mehndi Designs for Kids

Kids will never have the patience to sit through an elaborate design. So whats the solution? Try some of these mehandi designs for kids!

Oh yes, mehndi is not just for grown-up girls. Kids can also have mehndi patterns on their hands and feet. Sometimes, they even use mehndi for making their hands trendy and beautiful. Kids frequently lose out on it as present are extremely a small number of styles that suit their small hands. For your baby, we are sharing most beautiful and wonderful mehndi design that will help you to make more nice to your baby’s hands.

Wouldn’t it be huge to decorate kid’s hands with attractive mehndi designs? Because kids do not have that much endurance to be seated quietly through the whole mehndi design process, it would be improved if you stay the designs easy yet classy for them.

Here I am sharing top 15 mehndi designs for kids.

#1. Simple kid’s mehndi design:

This is simple and awesome mehndi design for kids. A few leaf, stars and loads of flowers… This was my preferred design in my early days and I recommend it to you too. I think your baby also like this design. So you can try this.

Mehndi designs for kids 1


#2. Flower mehndi design for kids:

This is mixed of peacock and flowers. At the base, this is looks like peacock. But at the finger area this is look like leaf and flowers. I like this design. You can also draw on your baby’s hand.

Mehndi designs for kids 2Source

#3. Draw flower in hand:

This is flowers styles. It looks like Sun flowers for your sunny girl! Make your girl ready for a traditional function with this sunflower laden design. I hope your baby will like this design if you can.

Mehndi designs for kids 3Source

#4. Colorful mehndi design for baby:

A shiny design for your chic doddering by means of blue and green sparkles, this henna pattern is a great design for fashionable girls of 9-12 years age-group. This design is look like colorful light.

Mehndi designs for kids 4Source

#5. Gorgeous mehndi design for baby:

This is simple design. But it is very much gorgeous. This is deep black motif without much complexity will look wonderful on a young girl’s small hand. This flowery design is full of easy and good-looking henna motifs.

Mehndi designs for kids 5Source

#6. Simple mehndi design for kid:

Is your baby’s age less than 1 year? If yes this design is for your baby. Just make a wonder design with within 1 minute. If your baby is very much swanky then you can decided this design for your baby. A sunny design on your kid’s bright hand!

Mehndi designs for kids 6Source

#7. Gold styles design:

Just 1 minute. Just make a wonderful mehndi design in your babies hand within 1 minute. It’s easy to make and will look arresting on her lesser hand-surface. Yesterday I had drawn it to my younger babies. You can also try this one.

Mehndi designs for kids 7Source

#8. Awesome design for kid:

This is very Simple Henna Design Idea for Kids. This is looks like But at the bottom side is not Spinach. This is mixed type of mehndi design for your baby. Overall this is wonderful mehndi design.

Mehndi designs for kids 8Source

#9. Combined styles mehndi:

This is also one of Henna Design for Kids. This is nice to see at the nail and finger. This is dotted styles mehndi design. Overall this is very much gorgeous mehndi design which you can choose for your young baby.

Mehndi designs for kids 9Source

#10. Small flower mehndi design:

This is also another style of mehndi design. It’s also look like dotted. But this is different from previous one. And there are no styles in the nail.

Mehndi designs for kids 10Source

#11. Bess and flowers styles mehndi:

This style contains a bees and a flower. The bees drinking honey of the flowers. This is just awesome and nice to look. It will not take more than 3 minute to draw. So draw this design in your baby’s hand for any festival or without festival. Design is following:

Mehndi designs for kids 11Source

#12. Simple ring and flowers design:

The image of this design is below. This design including one ring and one flower. Both are connected. It is just awesome design which you can in your baby’s hand. This design won’t take more than 5 minute to completely draw. So if you want to draw an awesome mehndi design for your baby within short time, you can draw this one. Most of time I am decided to draw this design for my own baby.

Mehndi designs for kids 12Source

#13. Make a Butterfly in kid’s hand:

Kids are always like any kinds of animal. So I hope they will also like butterfly in their hand. So you can draw this one for your baby’s hand. This is look like simple. But I can take more than 10 minutes to completely draw in your baby’s hand.

Mehndi designs for kids 13Source


#14. Mehndi Deign for kid’s feet:

The below image show a mehndi design for kid’s feet. This design is very simple and beautiful. If you draw this design it will nice to look your baby’s feet. Now, whether it is a mehndi eve or it is an Eid day, you can try out all these mehndi designs, your kids will fall in love with all these beautiful patterns and styles.

Mehndi designs for kids 14Source

#15. Heat mehndi design for kid:

The below image showing a wonderful mehndi design for baby. The design contains one heart with little design in one finger. Other fingers are empty. Even other’s fingers are empty but this design is just awesome and wonderful. You can draw this design for your baby at any occasion or without any occasion.

Mehndi designs for kids 15Source


Mehndi is a lure for women of approximately every age and kids are no exemption. Other than they are not enduring enough to sit for a long time to get those fine and complicated mehndi patterns crafted on their hand. Therefore, simple and designs are careful better for them.

Since these beautiful mehndi designs are based on such simple patterns, they are easy to draw on a kid’s hand. You can also blend some of these patterns to get a brand new, unique design.


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