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Saat Khoon Maaf – Hindi Movie Review

Saat Khoon Maaf – Hindi Movie Review

‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ isn’t the name captivating? The title of this Vishal Bhardwaj film quite thrilled me. The story adopted from the novel of Ruskin Bond named ‘Susanna’s Seven Husbands’ is apparently disappointing and definitely din’t live up to my expectations. I also got to know through the grapevine that the movie is inspired from an italian movie named Sette Volte Donna (Women Times Seven).

Susanna Anna-Marie (Priyanka Chopra) plays a vindictive and shrewd woman who can go to any extent in her quest for love. It is crass and abrupt when all her  husbands John Abraham, Naseeruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Anu Kapoor and Aleksandr Dyachenko fall head over heals for Priyanka Chopra.

Major Edwin Rodrigues (Neil Nitin Mukesh) her first husband in the movie out shines all the other husbands, portraying a male chauvinist hubby. Jimmy Stetson (John Abraham) is a drug addict junkie and Wasiullah aka Musafir (Irrfan Khan) is an abusive muslim poet. Then comes Russian spy (Aleksandr Dyachenko), Keemal Lal (Annu Kapoor) and a greedy Naseeruddin Shah. After brutal death of six husbands it takes a gumption to marry seventh time. Go figure out the seventh husband. Arun Kumar(Vivaan Shah) has made an interesting and outstanding debut as a housekeeper in the whole movie.

However, Priyanka Chopra is all over the movie and is worth watching in all the seven avatars. The performance of the killer lady is a complete knock out, the way she is dressed down from 20s to  when she is 65.

Each husband enters her life, flaws revealed and is wiped out to get rid of him. A lot is left to the imagination of the audience as she is not seen killing her man directly and the mysterious killer is not uncovered. Poor direction and screenplay have completely marred the movie. She switches from one husband to the next abruptly, devoid of feelings and that heartbroken phase. Inexplicable animosity is all you see in the movie. Very tacky indeed!

A two and a half hours movie will test your patience and it might be hard for you to sit through the entire movie. However, the songs are great. I am sure you will be humming out some of the tunes by now. The excellent Darling track is the only highlight of this flick other than Priyanka in different ages.

Verdict : Only for the die-hard Priyanka Chopra fans or stay away. A heavy movie probably not everybody’s cup of tea.

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