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Henna Designing in Different Colours

Not everybody is blessed with naturally beautiful hands, with long fingers and perfect nails, this is where henna designs for hands can make a difference.

Henna known as Mehndi is a popularly used for “Shringar“. There is a very famous adage in India that “Shringar is an ornament of women “so in order to cultivate this adage there are many arts developed by people henna design is one of them.

Henna is a word derived from an Arabic word Hina which is a plant. Paste of the leaves of this plant is used as a dye or mehndi which is helpful in many aspects from cosmetic products to medicines. Use of henna as a cosmetic product is a very famous custom of traditional family of certain regions like south Asia and Arabic Peninsula.

There is many types of designs in henna from full hand henna design to only fingers henna designing. Different designs according to demand can be prepared with help of henna we can see one example here where Hands are decorated with help of henna. This is Front hand full design which is made with help of henna paste that stuffed inside a cone.

With the help of this cone designer can make different designs swiftly which includes shape of flowers and different shapes which looks attractive and gain the attention of people.

Henna Designs for Hands 1


Not only in Hindu Females are fascinated towards Henna the women who belong from different religions and Follow different customs are also use henna as a cosmetic product. Women of muslim Community also use it in marriages and on different auspicious occasions like Eid and etc.

Henna Designs for Hands 2Source

Henna Designs for Hands 3Source

In above images we can see the back hand designs. Here different shapes like heart and flower can be designed as a main theme and other small parts and curves are used to support the main theme and help it to look attractive.

Henna Designing in different colours:

Henna designing is now a days getting modified. It can be designed with different colours.

For example,

#1. Black Brown Mehndi

In this kind of colour combination the black hair colour is used to prepare a mehndi cone to make design. This black colour is basically used to give outline to the design. Rest the main filling work is done by the normal henna i.e. brown mehndi. This is how the Black Brown Mehndi comes in picture.

As shown in above picture, this is how beautiful henna designs can be created.

Henna Designs for Hands 4Source

#2. Glitter Mehndi Designs:

In this kind of mehndi normal henna is used to give outline to such beautiful and attractive designs and the filling is done by different-different shining and highlighting glitters. This kind of designs are applied for instant function and parties.

Henna Designs for Hands 5Source

As above picture is telling everything about Glitter Mehndi Designs.

This is more preferable some times when there is a scarcity of time as life is so busy now a days. So this kind of art of course become a trend.

#3. Colourful Tattoo Mehndi:

This is again an instant and quick process to have beautiful henna designs on hands as well as on legs too. For henna lovers and for those who quickly wants to apply henna for those who has to get highlighted with amazing henna shine, Tattoo mehndi is the best way for them to get such attention.

Tattoo mehndi contains plenty of designs, amazing shiny colours and the easiest and quick way to apply. Tattoos can be applied on hands, legs, arms, shoulders and according to the desire if henna lovers.

Henna Designs for Hands 6Source

Henna Designs for Hands 7Source

Henna Designs for Hands 8Source

Hopefully this beautiful Tattoo art will fascinate any one to go and apply tattoo henna for upcoming festivals or any other occasion.

Similarly Henna designing can be done in many ways with different colours and different material like stickers, stone, glitter, Nail-paints, sparkle tubes and many more things like this.


In this revolutionary time Females are using artificial colours and Cosmetics in their makeup accessories but nothing can replace Henna as it is a natural product and its uses and importance are also mentioned in Ayurveda.

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