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20 Simple Mehndi Designs Which I Draw for Myself

Here are the top 20 Easy and Simple mehandi designs which can be used for any occasion according to your choice and the mood of the ceremony.


Mehndi is most popular skin decoration in western and Asian culture. There is another name of Mehndi which is “henna”. Ladies are used it for temporary skin decoration. Mehndi is regularly used in a variety of countries for different category of beliefs and rituals. Many countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan Nepal, and Maldives use mehndi throughout their spiritual rituals and ritual functions.

At the present, Mehndi artists working with mehndi prepared made cones. By these cones gives the designs additional detailing and it’s very at ease to use, similar like using a pen for sketch.  Mehendi Designs is a good-looking method to do up your feet and hands in any occasion be it a wedding functions or some other spiritual rite.

Here are 20 Latest and simple mehdni which I am using for myself:

#1. Bangladeshi Simple flower style Mehndi Design:

Simple mehndi designs 1


This is simple mehndi style of Bangladeshi culture. A lot of ladies are drawing this design for everyday’s lifestyle. This is simple design but it’s nice to look.

#2. Very simple but Gorgeous with black style mehndi design:

Simple mehndi designs 2Source

This is too much simple style. But if you draw this design in your hand it will be nice to look. Sometimes I am daring this for myself and my younger sister.

#3. Mehendi Designs For Occasions:

Simple mehndi designs 3Source

This is simple mehndi design which you can draw any kinds of occasion. You can complete this design with very fast. Coz the design of it’s too much simple. You can draw this design when you would like to draw a quick mehndi design in your hand.

#4. Heart Mehndi Design:

Simple mehndi designs 4Source

There is a heart in this mehndi design. You should draw two hearts in one hand. One heart should be fresh and another heart should be with some extra design.

#5. Mehndi Design with stars:

Simple mehndi designs 5Source

This is multiple type mehndi Design.  You can make some stars in your design. Other deign can be depend on you.

#6. Stones and Glitter Mehendi design:

Simple mehndi designs 6Source

You can also add attractive glitter, stones and beads matching with your outfit on your mehndi designs. Adding them can make your simple or heavy design look more beautiful and catchier.

#7. Traditional Mehndi Design:

Simple mehndi designs 7Source

Bangladeshi ladies are very artistic with their culture and tradition, the similar things reflect on their mehndi designing art as well.

#8. Bangladeshi peacock style mehndi Design:

Simple mehndi designs 8Source

This is peacock style mehndi design. You can make this design at your hand, leg or anywhere in your body.

#9. Floral Patterns mehndi design:

Simple mehndi designs 9Source

The above picture is showing a floral pattern of mehndi design. The finger styles are something different. But combination is wonderful.

#10. Make a design for your university functions:

Simple mehndi designs 10Source

University ladies are always trying to be an attractive girl. So they are always fashionable. They not only use fashionable dress. They also used fashionable mehdni design something like the above picture.

#11. Colorful Mehndi Designs:

Simple mehndi designs 11Source

This is gorgeous styles mehndi design. There is a lot of color has included in this design.  It is mainly used for outlining the designs which helps the mehndi look more colorful.

#12. Beautiful mehndi design for hand:

Simple mehndi designs 12Source

This is common style of mehndi design. Bangladeshi peoples are always drawing this type of mehndi including me. This design is look very gorgeous. But I am sure I will not take more than 10 minute to completely draw in your hand. It is proved by me.

#13. Mehndi Design for Religious Festivals:

Simple mehndi designs 13Source

At any kinds of occasion you can draw this style. Not only occasion, but also regular basis I am using this style and my friends too. This design is completely satisfying up the front hand giving it a customary look.

#14. Very deep, gorgeous mehdni design for Hand :

Simple mehndi designs 14Source

This is complex but easy. You can think that it could be take more time to design it. But not true actually. It’s like very deep and gorgeous. But, it’s very easy to design and you can draw it within very short time.

#15. Super styles mehndi design:

Simple mehndi designs 15Source

This is bridal mehndi design. This is easy, simplest, beautiful style of mehndi. You can use this style at any occasion.

#16. Awesome mehndi style for hand:

Simple mehndi designs 16Source

This is awesome mehndi design for full hand. This mehndi design is very popular in Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. In any occasion you can draw this design.

#17. Full hands awesome mehndi design:

Simple mehndi designs 17Source

This is awesome design for draw in full hand. This is not only full hands design. But also you can use this style in your full body. This design for you, If you are a modern girl.

#18. Unique mehndi Design:

Simple mehndi designs 18Source

This is simplest and unique mehndi design. This is design is not for any specific occasion. You can draw this design at anytime.

#19. Mehndi Designs For Brides:

Simple mehndi designs 19Source

If you are a bride and are in search for some latest Bridal Designs, then you would love to see the above Bridal.

#20. Full Body mehndi design:

Simple mehndi designs 20Source

Most of the modern girls are used this design. This mehndi design is looks like simple. But it will take many times to draw properly and need another person for draw it in your full body.


Still by watching these mehndi ceremonies in many Hollywood, Hollywood movies, ladies are more attractive in this type of traditional rituals. This custom along with the Hollywood, Bollywood activity has spread to a number of Arab girl, chiefly the in the Arab States of the Gulf nationwide.

Similar to the rituals in Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani culture, a number of parts of the Gulf States have as well started including this mehndi applying purpose their marriage rite.

This function is devoted to decorating the bride and the other women with henna. In a lot of countries like the Middle East and Africa, ladies apply mehndi even in their fingernails and toenails.


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