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20 Latest and Lovely Arabic Mehndi Designs

Here are the 20 simple and cute Arabic Mehndi Designs that you can apply mehandi on hands, arms and even feet in any occasion.

Welcome to this article. I think you know that, a lot of mehndi styles already available in the world like Pakistani mehndi design, Indian mehndi design and Arabic mehndi designs etc. Here I will share about 20 Latest, Lovely and amazing style of Arabic mehndi designs. Recently we completed a survey about mehndi design and we got a result about it.

This result says that, in the world, Arabic mehndi designs are getting more and more popularity. Though, Arabic mehndi designs are almost similar of the Indian designs but not all. Almost each third ladies needs to use beautiful Arabic mehndi styles on her hands, feet throughout wedding ceremonies, mehndi is practical in elegant and lovely knotty styles.

20 latest and lovely Arabic mehndi designs are following:

#1. Wedding Mehndi:

stylish ladies always try to make something different in their lifestyle. You know that mehndi has forever been known as one of the most significant for a wedding. Usually, it could be brown or reddish color after removing mehndi. A lot of stylish girl waits for reddish color mehndi particularly during wedding as it beautifies her.

Arabic mehndi designs 1


#2. Temporary tattoo:

Everyone like tattoo. So ladies are also like to make design their mehndi in tattoo style. You can make a temporary tattoo style design using mehndi because; it is most significant thing in weddings, especially highly in Indian weddings. Example of this type of mehndi design are following:

Arabic mehndi designs 2

#3. Bridal mehndi design:

Bridal mehndi design is shows the symbol of love. The following is one of the most stylish bridal mehndi design pictures. I hope you will like it.

Arabic mehndi designs 3

#4. Bridal mehndi designs for full hands:

There is much way is available for design bridal mehndi. You can make full hand and also half as you need or as you like best. It is wonderful design you may also like. The style are following:

Arabic mehndi designs 4Source

#5. Peacock mehndi design:

Make a peacock in your hand. This is one kind of animal stylish mehndi design. The peacock mehndi design also called as bridal design which is very gorgeous and nice to look. This is very easy to make this design and also brings a rich bridal look. The design are following:

Arabic mehndi designs 5Source

#6. Simple mehndi design:

Some mehndi are pretty simple but they are looking very gorgeous. A lot of Arabic girls are like to draw simple mehndi design. You can see the below design. It’s simple but I think you will like this design.

Arabic mehndi designs 6Source

#7. Arabic Full Body Mehndi Designs:

I think you know that, maximum number of Pakistani Mehndi design 2014 is very stylish. But Arabic mehndi style is too popular in the world wide. These types of styles of Mehndi are being selected based on the flavor associated with Arabic ladies. Recent we saw in the survey result, a lot of Arabic girls are interested to design full body mehndi.

Not only Arabic girls, but also Indian and Pakistani girls also like to design full body mehndi. Here I am sharing one the most popular and top stylish image of Arabic full body mehndi design.

Arabic mehndi designs 7Source

Another one:

Arabic mehndi designs 8Source

#8. Bride groom mehndi designs:

Bride groom mehndi designs displays both the bride and bride groom in it. A lot of the brides prefer this type of designs as it have bride and groom images in it. See the below image which is example of bride groom mehndi designs.

Arabic mehndi designs 9 Source

#9. Plant leaves Mehndi Design:

This is easy way to make a more gorgeous and beautiful mehndi design. This is most popular in Arabic mehndi design. But it’s also popular in Bangladesh, India & Pakistan. See the below image which is example of Plant leaves mehndi design.

Arabic mehndi designs 10Source

#10. Bridal mehndi design:

I think everyone will say wow after see this mehndi style. !!! Make a full hand bridal styles mehndi like the below image. It is the one of the most suited design for brides as it brings elegant look for a bride.

Arabic mehndi designs 11Source

#11. Awesome Arabic Mehndi:

I think this is awesome styles. All of my friends are like this style. I hope you may also like. This is really awesome Arabic mehndi style.

Arabic mehndi designs 12Source

#12. Arabic Unique mehndi design:

Peoples are always looking for something unique. This is the unique and latest styles of Arabic mehndi design. You can use this style and make something different from others. See the below image of this unique design.

Arabic mehndi designs 13Source

#13. Arabic gorgeous mehndi design:

Don’t be afraid after see this design. But try to do. This is one of the top gorgeous Arabic mehndi designs. You will be a gorgeous girl after completely draw this stylish design.

Arabic mehndi designs 14

#14. Arabic shoe style mehndi design for leg:

You can draw a wonderful design at your leg using this shoe style design. It’s really looks like a shoe. Try this one I hope it will nice to look. See the below image:

Arabic mehndi designs 15

15. Wonderful mehndi design for leg:

This is unique and beautiful Arabic design for leg. It is also popular in Pakistani girls, Indian girls and also for Bangladeshi girls. See the below image:

Arabic mehndi designs 16Source

#16. Arabic fabulous mehndi design for body:

If you would like to draw a style in your body over mehndi you can try this one. This is one of the best and popular styles for make a design in body. See the image below:

 Arabic mehndi designs 17Source

#17. Arabic peacock mehndi for leg:

This is simple and easy way to make a peacock mehndi design in your leg. This is really and really very easy to design this one. See the image below:

Arabic mehndi designs 18Source

#19. Arabic mehndi design in belly:

Make a wonderful design in your belly by the following design.

 Arabic mehndi designs 19Source

#19 Make a design in your leg with flower style:

Ladies are using this style in the Eid festival. You can try at anything. See the image below:

Arabic mehndi designs 20Source

#20. Make tattoo in your full hand using Arabic tattoo styles mehndi design:

See the image below and make it yourself if you would to do a tattoo styles design over mehndi.

Arabic mehndi designs 21Source


A number of the Arabic Mehndi designs are awfully rough styles as chain mehndi design. Recently a lot of Arabic mehndi designs play a role in Pakistani wedding and a bride is imperfect without Mehndi. Brides have exact mehndi styles all over the place their legs, hands feet.

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